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Set Your Sights on a SPECtacular School Year 

Your Child’s Eye-Opening Adventures Begin with an Eye Exam at Crowder Eye Center!

Does Your Child Have Grade-A Eyesight? 

Your child’s vision can change a lot over a year. And these days, that’s not just because their myopia (nearsightedness) progresses, or they develop age-specific conditions like amblyopia (lazy eye) or strabismus (crossed eyes). 

No, it’s also because the way kids learn — and view their education — is changing. More lessons take place on computer screens, which pump out problematic “blue light” that increases the risk of dry eye, eye strain, headaches, and more.  

If you’re at all unsure if your child is ready to keep up in class, on the field, or even while making friends, don’t take the risk: schedule a pediatric eye exam!  

Pediatric Eye Exams Make All the Difference.
Here’s Why:

There’s much more to pediatric eye exams than a precise vision prescription. (Though, we find that too!) These annual check-ups are the single best way to stay ahead of potential vision conditions. 

If your child needs glasses or contacts, we correct and help manage their eyesight. If we see any signs of eye disease, we put together a treatment plan that fits their needs and busy schedule.  

Eye exams are always valuable — but child-specific eye exams can find things adult exams won’t. 

Your Child Deserves Personalized Care. 
Schedule A Pediatric Eye Exam Today! 


Dr. Prodan and her staff were amazing! My 3yr old was very nervous and not wanting to corporate but they were able to calm her down, complete the exam, AND help her have a good experience. I couldn’t recommend them more!!

Jessica Ford

A welcoming office with friendly faces. Dr. Prodan was kind and did a great job explaining what she was doing during the appointment. Sadly, I have to wait a whole year until I get to go back.”


“I am a new patient to Crowder Eye Center. When I called to make my first appointment, I was able to be seen within two weeks. The staff is very nice and helpful. I was able to see Dr. Adams. He listened to my concerns and questions and offered great advice regarding my treatment. I am very pleased to have chosen this office for my eye care!”


My family saw Dr. Adams today. He was excellent! All of the staff was friendly and helpful. They also have appointments available later in the afternoon than most providers’ offices.

Dawn T.

“I am so impressed with the office and with Dr. Prodan. She was very thorough with my daughter’s examination and very knowledgeable.”

Marie N.

“Always a pleasant experience here, and Dr. Adams is the best! We recently moved about an hour away, but it’s worth the drive.”

Leslie M.

“Dr. Crowder is efficient and personable and his staff is very pleasant! I highly recommend Crowder Eye Center!”

Melissa R.

“Service was phenomenal from the moment I walked in the door. The office has been remodeled and provides a relaxing but upscale feel.”

Shannon R.

“Dr. Crowder pays such great attention to detail and explains the process and everything he is doing. He is more thorough than any eye doctor we have been to in the past”

Greg H.

Why Parents Love Crowder Eye Center 

At Crowder Eye Center, we strive to provide a special experience for every patient from start to finish, especially for our youngest ones. We understand that visiting an eye doctor at a young age can be daunting, which is why we make every effort to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Our advanced, child-friendly technology and straightforward communication ensure that both you and your child have a clear understanding of their eye health. We’re excited to help your child thrive in the upcoming school year! 

Clear Your Child’s Path to Academic Success:
Schedule A Pediatric Eye Exam Today!  

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