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about crowder eye center

Crowder Eye Center provides comprehensive eye examinations, contact lenses, low vision exams, vision therapy, and a large selection of designer eyewear to the greater Chattanooga area. Our highly trained staff are experts in their specialized fields of eye care, but most of all they specialize in taking good care of you! Below are some descriptions about the various eye care professionals we have on staff:

Front clinic of Crowder Eye Center
Crowder Eye Center

Our Eye Doctors

Bringing a new level of clinical care and customer service to our patients.
Our eye doctors continue to strive to provide the ultimate comprehensive vision care, ranging from annual eye health exams, vision therapy, and utilizing cutting-edge medical treatment.

Patient Service Specialists

Greeting you at the front desk with a smile.
Patient Service Specialists are vital to our practice’s operations. They manage the appointment schedules, supervise our electronic medical records, file insurance claims and much more.

Clinical Technicians

Assisting the doctor with all aspects of your eye care.
From pre-testing to scribing to optical dispensing, clinical technicians are an important part of our eye care services. These eye care professionals are fully trained to perform advanced medical testing such as retinal photography, visual field analysis, auto-refraction, and assist the doctor with contact lens assessments.

Optical Technicians

Guide you to the best frame to fit your personal style.
Our optical technicians understand both the fashion aspect of your eyeglasses as well as the technical aspects of your prescription. They will guide you to the best frame choice for your personal style and the best lenses for your visual needs. We offer the latest technology in lenses such as no-line multifocals and lighter and thinner materials. Our new premium antireflective lenses are anti-scratch, anti-static and easy to keep clean.

Lab Technicians

Making your eyeglasses lenses in our onsite lab.
Our lab technicians use advanced lens surfacing and finishing equipment to grind your prescription into your lenses and then cut the lens blanks to precisely fit your frame. The computerized lens making process uses diamond cutting tools and automatic polishing pads to produce a perfect lens. Making glasses in our own lab allows us to provide higher quality lenses and very fast service.

What People are Saying About Crowder Eye Center

Jessica F.

Dr. Prodan and her staff were amazing! My 3yr old was very nervous and not wanting to corporate but they were able to calm her down, complete the exam, AND help her have a good experience. I couldn’t recommend them more!!


A welcoming office with friendly faces. Dr. Prodan was kind and did a great job explaining what she was doing during the appointment. Sadly, I have to wait a whole year until I get to go back.”


“I am a new patient to Crowder Eye Center. When I called to make my first appointment, I was able to be seen within two weeks. The staff is very nice and helpful. I was able to see Dr. Adams. He listened to my concerns and questions and offered great advice regarding my treatment. I am very pleased to have chosen this office for my eye care!”

Dawn T.

My family saw Dr. Adams today. He was excellent! All of the staff was friendly and helpful. They also have appointments available later in the afternoon than most providers’ offices.

Marie N.

“I am so impressed with the office and with Dr. Prodan. She was very thorough with my daughter’s examination and very knowledgeable.”

Leslie M.

“Always a pleasant experience here, and Dr. Adams is the best! We recently moved about an hour away, but it’s worth the drive.”

Melissa F.

“Dr. Crowder is efficient and personable and his staff is very pleasant! I highly recommend Crowder Eye Center!”

Shannon R.

“Service was phenomenal from the moment I walked in the door. The office has been remodeled and provides a relaxing but upscale feel.”

Greg H.

“Dr. Crowder pays such great attention to detail and explains the process and everything he is doing. He is more thorough than any eye doctor we have been to in the past”