Luiza Prodan, O.D.

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Optometrist in Chattanooga, TN

Dr. Luiza Prodan is a distinguished optometrist at Crowder Eye Center and serves as the Director of Vision Therapy. Her expertise lies in treating amblyopia, strabismus, binocular vision dysfunction, vision-related learning problems, and more, with a dedicated focus on vision rehabilitation.

LUIZA PRODAN, O.D. of Crowder Eye Center
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Education & Experience

After completing her undergraduate studies in Biology and Chemistry at Elmhurst College, Dr. Prodan earned her Doctor of Optometry from the Illinois College of Optometry. She then specialized in Vision Rehabilitation through a residency at Appelbaum Vision in Bethesda, Maryland, blending Vision Therapy and Occupational Therapy in her practice.


  • Amblyopia treatment
  • Strabismus management
  • Binocular vision dysfunction
  • Vision-related learning problems
  • Stroke and concussion recovery
  • Computer vision syndrome
  • Visual-vestibular disconnect

Memberships & Achievements

  • Member — College of Vision Development (COVD)
Personal Care

Get to Know Dr. Prodan

Dr. Prodan cherishes her life in Chattanooga and embraces the opportunity to educate the community and healthcare professionals on vision development and rehabilitation. Beyond her professional endeavors, she finds joy in reading, hiking, and exploring new countries, always seeking to broaden her horizons and connect with diverse cultures.