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Reliable Scleral Lenses for Comfortable Vision

For those who find conventional contact lenses uncomfortable, have eyes that are considered “hard-to-fit,” or who have specific corneal conditions — scleral lenses offer a revolutionary solution. Crowder Eye Center prides itself on tailoring scleral lenses to deliver unparalleled comfort and clarity: it’s our goal that everyone can achieve optimal vision with style and ease.

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Vision Investment

The Value of a Good Pair of Scleral Lenses

If you have sensitive eyes or irregular corneas, standard contacts may not be a great fit. That’s because they rest on, and can irritate, the front of the eye. But scleral lenses vault over the front of the eye entirely to rest on the “whites” of your eyes, known as the sclera.

And scleral lenses aren’t just a viable option for many “hard-to-fit” eyes: they also create a hydrating tear reservoir between the eye and lens. In other words, they can even improve your eye health!

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Our Scleral Lenses Tailored to You

Scleral lenses have to be custom fit to your eye, which means that the team and measurement technology behind your scleral lenses can make a major difference.

Our contact lens exams use advanced technology to ensure a precise match, customizing lenses fit your eyes and enhance your vision. And of course, our specialists know how to use these tools to maximum effect, and how to adapt to your unique eye health needs.

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Why Choose Crowder Eye Center for Scleral Lenses?

Choosing Crowder Eye Center for your scleral lenses means choosing expertise, quality, and personalized care — from an expert team you can trust. Our skilled optometrists specialize in providing each patient with a custom scleral lens solution that enhances their vision and lifestyle, no matter their eye health or past struggles with standard lenses.

With our commitment to excellence and extraordinary customization, we’re here to ensure you enjoy the ultimate in comfort and visual clarity. Schedule today to discover how our scleral lenses can change the way you see for the better.