Eric Adams, O.D.

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Optometrist in Chattanooga, TN

Dr. Eric Adams is an accomplished optometrist at Crowder Eye Center, bringing expertise in specialty contact lenses for patients with corneal diseases or trauma. His focus is on providing exceptional care for those requiring advanced solutions beyond traditional glasses or contacts, alongside comprehensive management of refractive errors, ocular disease, binocular vision abnormalities, and amblyopia.

Dr. Eric Adams, O.D. of Crowder Eye Center
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Education & Experience

Dr. Adams honed his expertise at the University of Georgia, where he studied psychology and vision sciences, before earning his Doctor of Optometry from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry in 2020. Joining Crowder Eye Center in 2021, his professional journey is marked by a commitment to utilizing specialty contact lenses to enhance vision for patients with complex eye conditions.


  • Specialty contact lenses for corneal disease and trauma
  • Refractive error management
  • Ocular disease treatment

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Personal Care

Get to Know Dr. Adams

Outside the clinic, Dr. Adams enjoys life in Chattanooga with his wife Bethany, their daughter Novalee, and their two dogs, Shakespeare and Darcy. Passionate about family and the outdoors, he also dedicates time to improving his community’s health through volunteer work and aims to have the greenest lawn in his neighborhood.