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Myopia Management in Chattanooga, TN

What is Myopia? 

Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, is a condition that develops during childhood that makes distant objects appear blurry. Left unchecked, it will continue to worsen and can greatly impact your child’s development and long-term health. Myopia management is the key to protecting your child’s eye health, and at Crowder Eye Center , we’re proud to offer a range of options that we will tailor to your child’s unique needs.

child holding contact lens at Crowder Eye Center

Why Choose Myopia Management Over Glasses?

Prescription glasses can temporarily correct your child’s vision, but they’re unable to address the root cause of the condition and will not stop its progression. And as myopia advances, your child’s eyes can become more vulnerable to other eye diseases, making it critical to treat the condition as early as possible. Myopia management often involves specialty contact lenses or corneal refractive therapy (CRT), which helps shape the eye and prevent further deterioration.

We’re Proud To Offer Myopia Management!

At Crowder Eye Center, we take pride in the variety and effectiveness of the treatment options we offer. Early intervention and proper myopia management will immediately improve your child’s day-to-day, and you can rest easier knowing these treatments provide long-lasting, proactive protection.

child with glasses holding a book

Choosing the Right Myopia Management Plan 

We can first diagnose and assess your child’s myopia during a comprehensive eye exam , usually through a retinoscopy and visual acuity test. Then our skilled optical team will provide a customized treatment plan, which can include soft contact lenses, CRT, Ortho-K, scleral lenses, or vision therapy. Our doctors are skilled in pediatric eye care and have a wealth of experience adapting treatments to your child’s age, hobbies, and personal preferences.

child comfortable sleeping

Ortho-K: “Eye Retainers”

Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K, lenses are contacts worn at night as your child sleeps that gently reshape their corneas. This gives your child clearer vision during the day and slows down the progression of their myopia.

child fitting contact lens at Crowder Eye Center

Daytime Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are worn during the day, and instead of shaping the eye like Ortho-K lenses, they direct a portion of incoming light rays to focus in front of the retina. This changes how images are focused in different parts of the retina, preventing the eye from becoming more elongated.

girl taking eye exam at Crowder Eye Center

Vision Therapy

Sometimes a child develops myopia due to poor eye-focusing skills. In these cases, vision therapy is an excellent treatment for nearsightedness. This personalized program helps retrain the visual system, including the eye-brain connection, which helps improve visual focus and reduce myopia progression.

Why Choose Crowder Eye Center for Your Child’s Myopia Management?

At Crowder Eye Center, we bring the best to each and every patient, from the cutting-edge technology we employ to our highly trained doctors and opticians. We understand how myopia can add to the many stressors of childhood. This drives Dr. Crowder and his team to go above and beyond to ensure each exam and myopia treatment plan is highly targeted meets the needs of your child and gives you peace of mind. To learn more about Dr. Joshua Crowder or what makes the Crowder Eye Center unique, check out our about us page.

What People are Saying About Crowder Eye Center

Jessica F.

Dr. Prodan and her staff were amazing! My 3yr old was very nervous and not wanting to corporate but they were able to calm her down, complete the exam, AND help her have a good experience. I couldn’t recommend them more!!


A welcoming office with friendly faces. Dr. Prodan was kind and did a great job explaining what she was doing during the appointment. Sadly, I have to wait a whole year until I get to go back.”


“I am a new patient to Crowder Eye Center. When I called to make my first appointment, I was able to be seen within two weeks. The staff is very nice and helpful. I was able to see Dr. Adams. He listened to my concerns and questions and offered great advice regarding my treatment. I am very pleased to have chosen this office for my eye care!”

Dawn T.

My family saw Dr. Adams today. He was excellent! All of the staff was friendly and helpful. They also have appointments available later in the afternoon than most providers’ offices.

Marie N.

“I am so impressed with the office and with Dr. Prodan. She was very thorough with my daughter’s examination and very knowledgeable.”

Leslie M.

“Always a pleasant experience here, and Dr. Adams is the best! We recently moved about an hour away, but it’s worth the drive.”

Melissa F.

“Dr. Crowder is efficient and personable and his staff is very pleasant! I highly recommend Crowder Eye Center!”

Shannon R.

“Service was phenomenal from the moment I walked in the door. The office has been remodeled and provides a relaxing but upscale feel.”

Greg H.

“Dr. Crowder pays such great attention to detail and explains the process and everything he is doing. He is more thorough than any eye doctor we have been to in the past”

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